I'm Miss Peach.
My mom found my brother
Pepe and I living under an
old house.  I'm a real
princess - she says that I
am the sweetest kitty in
the whole world!
I was 5 weeks old, alone and
lost at a convenience store.  I
was crying out in the bushes.  
My mom thought I was way
cuter than the monkey in
Pirates of the Caribbean (who
totally stole the show) and
named me Little Jack
Sparrow.  She says I am her
trophy cat - she always wanted
a tabby as pretty as I am.
I'm Pepe.  We were barely 5
weeks old and too small for
the shelter to take us.  
We were so scared from all
the new experiences that we
got mange.  By the time we
were healthy, we looked so
beat up that my mom figured
no one would take us.  So,
she kept us, and life couldn't
be sweeter for all of us!!
I'm Graycie.  I was left at a
shelter where my mom found
me.  I loved being the new
baby with just Pearl.  I got
very jealous when the new
kids arrived.  I'm the
boss of it all (whenever
Pearl lets me be).
I'm Pearl.  I am
the oldest,
and the boss.
My mom found me as a
tiny kitten abandoned
and up a tree!
I just love my box
all to pieces!
I'm Moochie.  My brother,
sister and I were homeless in
Schulenberg when my mom
found us at an estate sale.  
We were starving and everyone
ignored us - except for a
couple of kids and my mom.  
She took us home, fed,
nurtured, and found great
homes for all of us!
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